Saturday, May 27, 2006

Young Royals Partying Away!

These are some lovely pictures of three young royals and one very rich heiress! In the red is the very lovely Princess elisabeth von Thurn Und Taxis; she 's a thorough natural. I think she looks great in all her pictures - very natural. Her sister the princess Maria Therisia is also beautiful but i think a little conscious in front of the camera. She is in the second picture in that colourful top!

The handsome young man is Andrea Casiraghi, he may well be the Ruler of Monaco. He is the son of HRH Princess Caroline of Monaco (Daughter of late Prince Rainer and Princess Grace of Monaco) and the late Stefano Casiraghi( an italian industrialist scion). Andrea Casiraghi as well as his siblings who are as good looking are well known on the international social circuit.

The young lady in the grey green dress is tatiana sandomingo, a very rich heiress and girl friend of Andrea Casiraghi. They are all having a blast at Maxims here!

Way to go!

Just a thought - i think the Casiraghi Trio and the Thurn Und Taxis Trio would make a lovely match - they should marry each other - purrrfect. No offence to tatiana, i think she is a lovely girl. Its just that i love the idea of royals marrying royals!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Sultan of Brunei's Divorce....

Yes they are just like us,sultans also have marital problems and get divorced. Divorces have rocked most royal families around the world. The muslim monarchies are more conservative in this regard i think. They can get married four times without having to divorce.

This is a picture of The Sultan of Brunei (one of the wealthiest men in the world) and thats his second wife (now divorced) Mariam. I do not know what her titles are now, therefore am not using any.

Mariam was a air hostess before she married the sultan. they have four children, and i think she and her children live in london.

Now afcourse the Sultans second wife is the young Azrinaz.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Queen Rania - Really Beautiful Picture

Lovely isnt it? Its one of my favorite pictures of Rania. Dont know when it was taken, must be a while ago i think. Rania i feel is quite concerned about the way she looks, which is good, a good looking queen is always better than a sloppy one.

However a royal has something else about them, isnt it? it s not all just about beauty and great clothes and jewels. Nor about how much money they possess. These things even the common folk have, so there has to be something regal, royal about them.

Rania looks more like a model than a queen, i think Princess Nur , Prince Hamzahs wife looks very regal and royal. Much more than Rania. I like Rania, but i like Nur even more.I like Hamzah too. More on that royal couple later. King Abdullahs a nice guy too. I definitly like him. I think there are whispers in Jordan that it is Rania who advises him, especially about the derecognition of Hamzah as Crown Prince. But then she's only doing it for her son. Obviously she loves her son more than she loves Hamzah. Most of us would have done the same.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Prince gets it all!!

ok!! my worst fears are confirmed - the thurn und taxis kids do not get equal shares in the extensive family fortune! how sexist is that - ridiculous in todays modern era!

The following is quoted from

The youngest man on Forbes Billionaires list. This prince inherited a fortune on his eighteenth birthday in June 2001. His assets include extensive real estate holdings, a valuable art collection and a tech company. His 30,000 hectares of woodland in Germany is considered one of the largest forestry holdings in Europe. Lives in one of the family's castles, Schloss Emmeram, with his mother Gloria and older sisters Maria Theresia and Elisabeth.

On the right is the richie rich prince Albert, in the middle is the eldest princess maria therisia and on the left is princess Elisabeth who in my opinion the cutest (they are all very cute but... she is terribly cute) ...........

Anybody know anything on their personal lives? who they are dating and stuff?

Maria Therisia - Princess Von Thurn Und Taxis

Ok while surfing i found this absolutely beautiful royal princess! i had never heard of her until now, afcourse i have heard about her forbes list billionaire brother albert and her mother the countess gloria, but never anything about her! im surprised as she is simply gorgeous, anybody know anything more on her please do mail.


Full name: Maria Theresia Ludowika Klothilde Helene Alexandra
Title: Princess von Thurn und Taxis (Her Serene Highness)
Born: Regensburg, Germany, November 28th 1980
Parents: Johannes Prince von Thurn und Taxis (1926-1990) and 1980, Gloria Countess and Lady von Schönburg-Glauchau (1960)
Brother: Albert (1983)
Sister: Elisabeth (1982)
Education and work: Primary and secondary school (gymnasium), Regensburg, Germany; finished secondary school in England. Studies in London (summer 2004)
Further facts: Since 2002 she lived in Madrid, Spain.

Just wondering does she also get a part of those billions, or do they go entirely to her younger brother Albert. If so then dont you think its terribly unfair!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pretty Pragyashree

Ok the lovely girl in white is Pragyashree Thapa, now Gaekwad, as she is married already to Pratap gaekwad. Anybody have any pictyures of her or her wedding plz do inform me.
Oh yes and she is sister in law to one of my favorite royals, Priyadarshini Scindia, the maharani of Gwalior ( Pratap is her brother).........

Heres wishing her all the best!

Wedding in Turmoil.

A powerfully packed wedding, with Indian royalty and Nepalese nobility, as well as the social hi-fi crowd of Indias financial capital Mumbai took place on the 14th of may, 2006., in Nepal!!

Nepal has just about come to some kind of stabilisation, and here theres a lavish wedding amidst it. The bride is Pragyashree Thapa, daughter of the RNA general pyar jung thapa....... what a contradictory time in the generals life, on one side his daughter is marrying and on the other side he is being removed from his respective duties by the newly formed congress because he is viewed as one of the kings strongmen.

It is to be noted that the royal family of nepal did not attend the wedding, i suppose it was too soon for King Gyanendra to make a public appearance.... i agree with him, it would have just gotten more bad publicity for the wedding.!

In this picture you can see the lovely bride pragyashree thapa - i like her a lot already, and her groom Pratap sinh gaekwad, he is a descendent of the royal family of Baroda, a big and prominent state during princley india.

Just some facts:

How did Prataps mom condescend to this match? she is of 'the snobby Rana' family brigade, and the lovely bride is not a royal, nor a noble, then?? ahaaa but her father is rich and powerful (the power may be curtailed now) so i suppose its ok.

The bride is very lovely - she is a doctor, was a liutenent in the Royal Nepalese Army, 10 years younger than her grey haired husband......... well why did she marry him? i suppose the general is too much in awe of royalty , even ex royalty....

have you noticed how men in important powerful position and loads of wealth seek to marry into impoverished royal houses...... i suppose it gives them a high! Blood marries money, and money marries blood!!.........

i can think of Napoleon bonaparte , who divorced his wife to marry a hapsburg princess!, so mnay american scions and heiresses seek noble/royal partners........... the charm is always there!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Azrinaz of Brunei

The young lady on the left is Azrinaz, the Sultan of Brunei's new wife, and the lady on the right is HM Queen Saleha the sultans first wife. They are both entertaining a state guest!.

Really im amazed, does the sultan really think his first wife the queen has no feelings that she must not only this new addition, but must seem as though they are one united happy family, especially when Azrinaz is younger than the oldest two of the sultans children! Besides Azrinaz is of common stock. She was a news presenter in malaysia, before she managed to catch the richy rich sultan....

although she is pretty , something about her is not right, i mean she doesnt look royal or dignified, like say for example the crown princess Sarah. Sarah is wonderfully dignified and every inch a queen in the making (more on sarah later)

My point here is that how can the sultan be such an inconsiderate man?? well he must really be in love with Azrinaz, otherwise why on earth would he have married her?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Azrinaz of Brunei

The beautiful lady on the left is Azrinaz, the second wife of the Sultan of Brunei. The lady on your right is the first wife and Queen of Brunei, HRH Queen Saleha of Brunei.

Strange isnt it to see them both together entertaining a state guest. Azrinaz used to be a Malaysian News presenter before she caught the eye of the Sultan. She is younger than the Sultans son and daughter!!

I feel bad for the Queen, common she had to sacrifice her dignity, how embarrasing for her to share the spotlight with this 26 year old upstart, just because the Sultan fell in love with a younger woman.

Did he really have to marry her? Why did he marry her? i dont understand, maybe he really fell in love with her, after all even Sultans fall in love!

But cant these rich and relatively old men see why these younger beautiful women wanna marry them, isnt it obvious................ i mean its apparent to all of us.

He cannot really believe that she loves him for himself, and not his money, power and tittle!!

But the Queen has behaved with great dignity, as most of these royal ladies do, she has done her duty well, kept up the facade her husband likes to believe in, that its one happy family even though he has gone and brought a young woman as his wife inti the household. A mistress or girlfriend is different, but a wife, gosh thats affecting everyone, from the wife to the kids ... everyone.,.........

So he must definetly love her!

I guess love is in no ones hands, God alone decides who is going to attached to who, God alone decides all relationships.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Jewels of Thurn n Taxis....

This beautiful piece of pearls and diamonds is (or was) owned by the royal family of Thurn n Taxis. They live in Germany, and im not sure , but think they are of both hanoverian and hapsburg descent!! Wow what a pedigree.... blue to the core....

The present Prince is a young man in his early twenties, more on him later. But hows the tiara?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Hamzah & Nur of Jordan

This is perhaps one of the lovliest royal couples....... , they are young, in love and so good looking......

I was saddened to hear the derecognition of this wonderful prince as jordans crown prince. Look at his popularity,the throng of people that collected for his wedding!!

His wife is so lovely, and he looks like such a tough guy, u know the protective sorts... wishing them all the best!

Queen Rania... what a body

Would anyone say she is the mother of four children!!! isnt it shocking..... what a lovely figure the lady has...........way to go rania!

For those not in the know, she is HRH the Queen of Jordan, she was born an ordinary palestinian, but after King Abdullah married her she has become the queen.

There are quite a few controversies surrounding her, as to how much she influences the King. I think she influences him a lot......... especially the case of de recognizing his half brother Prince Hamzah as the crown prince, they havent named their son as yet as the crown prince , but obviously will some time in the future.....

something to be noticed here, the late King Hussein derecognized his brother, Prince Hasan, and now the same thing is happening..........History repeats itself always......... Abdullah has done exactly what King Hussein did....

But all in all she does have a great body, but her face has quite a hard look , u know i personally prefer Haya's more friendly face!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More of Princess Haya....

Here are some lovely pics of the beautiful princess, shes always smiling in all her pictures........... good goin princess, ur smiles real lovely!

these pictures were of course taken before she married HH sheikh maktoum.

royal moppets...

The baby prince is amazzzzingly cute..... dont you think so too!

i hope for his sake the monarchy in Nepal lasts. What a cute Nep baby!!

His lil sister princess Purnika is quite chubby n cute too........... shes looks a lot like her father HRH crown prince Paras, while the lil prince looks like his wonderful mother HRH crown princess Himani Devi.

Crown Princess Himani of Nepal.....

Well is this really a time to write about them? when the maoists and the nepalese people (i dunno there are conflicting reports, my cousins from nepal say that the locals from Katmandu itself are not against the king, and these mobs shown on tv are goons of gotten from outside by the political parties to pressurize the king!! - dunno whats true) are seemingly up in arms against the monarchy.

But i like the crown princess Himani devi, she is the quiet , modest kind of a women who is always there in the background, she seems to be a quality person, no airs, no extravagance, only doing her duty by the family she married into, quietly attending to her charitable fucntions etc. looking after her kids and her silly errant husband. Even a die hard royalist like mw doesnt like prince paras too much........... but she is nice, even the people of nepal love her, as she unobtrusively does her thing.

hope for her sake and her childrens sake that all works out fine for the monarchy there....!!