Monday, May 22, 2006

Queen Rania - Really Beautiful Picture

Lovely isnt it? Its one of my favorite pictures of Rania. Dont know when it was taken, must be a while ago i think. Rania i feel is quite concerned about the way she looks, which is good, a good looking queen is always better than a sloppy one.

However a royal has something else about them, isnt it? it s not all just about beauty and great clothes and jewels. Nor about how much money they possess. These things even the common folk have, so there has to be something regal, royal about them.

Rania looks more like a model than a queen, i think Princess Nur , Prince Hamzahs wife looks very regal and royal. Much more than Rania. I like Rania, but i like Nur even more.I like Hamzah too. More on that royal couple later. King Abdullahs a nice guy too. I definitly like him. I think there are whispers in Jordan that it is Rania who advises him, especially about the derecognition of Hamzah as Crown Prince. But then she's only doing it for her son. Obviously she loves her son more than she loves Hamzah. Most of us would have done the same.


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