Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Azrinaz of Brunei

The beautiful lady on the left is Azrinaz, the second wife of the Sultan of Brunei. The lady on your right is the first wife and Queen of Brunei, HRH Queen Saleha of Brunei.

Strange isnt it to see them both together entertaining a state guest. Azrinaz used to be a Malaysian News presenter before she caught the eye of the Sultan. She is younger than the Sultans son and daughter!!

I feel bad for the Queen, common she had to sacrifice her dignity, how embarrasing for her to share the spotlight with this 26 year old upstart, just because the Sultan fell in love with a younger woman.

Did he really have to marry her? Why did he marry her? i dont understand, maybe he really fell in love with her, after all even Sultans fall in love!

But cant these rich and relatively old men see why these younger beautiful women wanna marry them, isnt it obvious................ i mean its apparent to all of us.

He cannot really believe that she loves him for himself, and not his money, power and tittle!!

But the Queen has behaved with great dignity, as most of these royal ladies do, she has done her duty well, kept up the facade her husband likes to believe in, that its one happy family even though he has gone and brought a young woman as his wife inti the household. A mistress or girlfriend is different, but a wife, gosh thats affecting everyone, from the wife to the kids ... everyone.,.........

So he must definetly love her!

I guess love is in no ones hands, God alone decides who is going to attached to who, God alone decides all relationships.


Blogger Cantik said...

Money talk you know. Could you imagine young, beautiful, smart,married with the old man 60, who have a wife, children and grandchildren for what....just money and power, if Hasanal Bolkiah just a commonor and his job only staf of goverment office, is she still marry him, I don't think so 100%. I just feel sorry to my dearst Queen Saleha twice Her heart was hurted. She should be received her, smail, sitting side by side like happy family but who knows Her heart! The ages between them different three decades, can we imagine She has getting old and Her husband remarried with young young woman!!! But I trully respect for QS, She is very tough Lady and always smail. God Bless you Mam.

9:43 PM  
Blogger royalrichfamous said...

hiya cantik, absolutely right there - if Sultan bolkiah cannot see then well, like they say love is blind - all emotions are blinding - make clever men into fools!

8:21 AM  
Blogger nono said...

In Islam, if the husband had intimate love affairs outside marriage, it is considered big sin. Tuanku Hassanal Bolkiah is a rich king and has everything, so if he's interested in other woman, QS as a good wife willing to let him marry other woman, to avoid him to commit sin. The God is fair & wise and now finally, he's all hers. Nothing lasts forever than a faithful wife.

5:30 AM  

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