Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Crown Princess Himani of Nepal.....

Well is this really a time to write about them? when the maoists and the nepalese people (i dunno there are conflicting reports, my cousins from nepal say that the locals from Katmandu itself are not against the king, and these mobs shown on tv are goons of gotten from outside by the political parties to pressurize the king!! - dunno whats true) are seemingly up in arms against the monarchy.

But i like the crown princess Himani devi, she is the quiet , modest kind of a women who is always there in the background, she seems to be a quality person, no airs, no extravagance, only doing her duty by the family she married into, quietly attending to her charitable fucntions etc. looking after her kids and her silly errant husband. Even a die hard royalist like mw doesnt like prince paras too much........... but she is nice, even the people of nepal love her, as she unobtrusively does her thing.

hope for her sake and her childrens sake that all works out fine for the monarchy there....!!


Blogger Reena said...

Well,as far as himani is concerned,i dont think she is a good person....from a well placed source i have heard that she is having an affair with her own body guard and that she hates her husband like anything..anyway,she cant be blamed for it.

10:24 PM  
Blogger royalrichfamous said...

well reena people talk strange things about those that are placed high. Himsni hsving an affair (not that anyone can blame her even if she is! with a husband like that!). Personally i think such rumours are spread by opposing factions (read the maoists).

By weakening a strong link, a good crown princess is a very strong link in a monarchial set up, they can weed away the sympathies of the people.

The same was done to marie antoinette and Ann Boleyn. label a princess as adulterous and take away any standing she has with the people.

So i would tend to see this in context with the upheaval that is going on in Nepal. Just plain Maoist rumors!


8:29 AM  

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