Sunday, April 30, 2006

Haya of Jordan

Heres the lovely Princess Haya of Jordan. She is the daughter of the late kIng Hussain and his wife Alia. The princess is a keen equestrian, and her love for horses is well known.

It is believed that it is this love for everything equine is what got her in touch with her husband H.H. Sheikh Maktoum of Dubai.

I believe there is a 25 year age gap between the two, as the Sheikh has earlier wives (wife ... i dunno how many wives he has) , as he has 16 children!

But they seem much in love, atleast i think the sheikh is in love with her, nice pics of them attending various racing events in england on the princeses official site.

I wonder sometimes was it love. Or ONLY love that created this match. I mean the ruler of dubai is flush with money, power, wealth prestige.... you name it, so im sure it helped. Jordans royal family is not really known for its riches...... and haya has many siblings, her step brother is the King. So now she is more important than all of them!!

Was it love again on the Sheikhs part? well what else, what could he possibly want from Haya? ummm ,......... well throughout history it is known that money loves blood and blood loves money. Hmmm the princess is after all of old royal arab blood, belonging to the Hashemite dynasty, the sheikhs own dynasty is pretty new, i think his father began it! Nice to marry a princess of a old royal house!!

Anyways im happy, i believe royals should marry royals!! (told ya im a hardcore royalist) and so my views arent very egalitarian.


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