Friday, May 05, 2006

Queen Rania... what a body

Would anyone say she is the mother of four children!!! isnt it shocking..... what a lovely figure the lady has...........way to go rania!

For those not in the know, she is HRH the Queen of Jordan, she was born an ordinary palestinian, but after King Abdullah married her she has become the queen.

There are quite a few controversies surrounding her, as to how much she influences the King. I think she influences him a lot......... especially the case of de recognizing his half brother Prince Hamzah as the crown prince, they havent named their son as yet as the crown prince , but obviously will some time in the future.....

something to be noticed here, the late King Hussein derecognized his brother, Prince Hasan, and now the same thing is happening..........History repeats itself always......... Abdullah has done exactly what King Hussein did....

But all in all she does have a great body, but her face has quite a hard look , u know i personally prefer Haya's more friendly face!


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