Saturday, May 13, 2006

Azrinaz of Brunei

The young lady on the left is Azrinaz, the Sultan of Brunei's new wife, and the lady on the right is HM Queen Saleha the sultans first wife. They are both entertaining a state guest!.

Really im amazed, does the sultan really think his first wife the queen has no feelings that she must not only this new addition, but must seem as though they are one united happy family, especially when Azrinaz is younger than the oldest two of the sultans children! Besides Azrinaz is of common stock. She was a news presenter in malaysia, before she managed to catch the richy rich sultan....

although she is pretty , something about her is not right, i mean she doesnt look royal or dignified, like say for example the crown princess Sarah. Sarah is wonderfully dignified and every inch a queen in the making (more on sarah later)

My point here is that how can the sultan be such an inconsiderate man?? well he must really be in love with Azrinaz, otherwise why on earth would he have married her?


Blogger izamarina harun-taylor said...

His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei, on 16th June 2010, announced officially by the Grand Chamberlain that His Majesty Divorced Azrinaz (his second wife of 5 years), and all her Royal Titles are retracted by the Kingdom of Brunei.

8:57 AM  

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