Friday, May 19, 2006

The Prince gets it all!!

ok!! my worst fears are confirmed - the thurn und taxis kids do not get equal shares in the extensive family fortune! how sexist is that - ridiculous in todays modern era!

The following is quoted from

The youngest man on Forbes Billionaires list. This prince inherited a fortune on his eighteenth birthday in June 2001. His assets include extensive real estate holdings, a valuable art collection and a tech company. His 30,000 hectares of woodland in Germany is considered one of the largest forestry holdings in Europe. Lives in one of the family's castles, Schloss Emmeram, with his mother Gloria and older sisters Maria Theresia and Elisabeth.

On the right is the richie rich prince Albert, in the middle is the eldest princess maria therisia and on the left is princess Elisabeth who in my opinion the cutest (they are all very cute but... she is terribly cute) ...........

Anybody know anything on their personal lives? who they are dating and stuff?


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