Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wedding in Turmoil.

A powerfully packed wedding, with Indian royalty and Nepalese nobility, as well as the social hi-fi crowd of Indias financial capital Mumbai took place on the 14th of may, 2006., in Nepal!!

Nepal has just about come to some kind of stabilisation, and here theres a lavish wedding amidst it. The bride is Pragyashree Thapa, daughter of the RNA general pyar jung thapa....... what a contradictory time in the generals life, on one side his daughter is marrying and on the other side he is being removed from his respective duties by the newly formed congress because he is viewed as one of the kings strongmen.

It is to be noted that the royal family of nepal did not attend the wedding, i suppose it was too soon for King Gyanendra to make a public appearance.... i agree with him, it would have just gotten more bad publicity for the wedding.!

In this picture you can see the lovely bride pragyashree thapa - i like her a lot already, and her groom Pratap sinh gaekwad, he is a descendent of the royal family of Baroda, a big and prominent state during princley india.

Just some facts:

How did Prataps mom condescend to this match? she is of 'the snobby Rana' family brigade, and the lovely bride is not a royal, nor a noble, then?? ahaaa but her father is rich and powerful (the power may be curtailed now) so i suppose its ok.

The bride is very lovely - she is a doctor, was a liutenent in the Royal Nepalese Army, 10 years younger than her grey haired husband......... well why did she marry him? i suppose the general is too much in awe of royalty , even ex royalty....

have you noticed how men in important powerful position and loads of wealth seek to marry into impoverished royal houses...... i suppose it gives them a high! Blood marries money, and money marries blood!!.........

i can think of Napoleon bonaparte , who divorced his wife to marry a hapsburg princess!, so mnay american scions and heiresses seek noble/royal partners........... the charm is always there!


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The picture is not the bride's picture. She is much more preetier than that. That must be some other family member.

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