Saturday, May 27, 2006

Young Royals Partying Away!

These are some lovely pictures of three young royals and one very rich heiress! In the red is the very lovely Princess elisabeth von Thurn Und Taxis; she 's a thorough natural. I think she looks great in all her pictures - very natural. Her sister the princess Maria Therisia is also beautiful but i think a little conscious in front of the camera. She is in the second picture in that colourful top!

The handsome young man is Andrea Casiraghi, he may well be the Ruler of Monaco. He is the son of HRH Princess Caroline of Monaco (Daughter of late Prince Rainer and Princess Grace of Monaco) and the late Stefano Casiraghi( an italian industrialist scion). Andrea Casiraghi as well as his siblings who are as good looking are well known on the international social circuit.

The young lady in the grey green dress is tatiana sandomingo, a very rich heiress and girl friend of Andrea Casiraghi. They are all having a blast at Maxims here!

Way to go!

Just a thought - i think the Casiraghi Trio and the Thurn Und Taxis Trio would make a lovely match - they should marry each other - purrrfect. No offence to tatiana, i think she is a lovely girl. Its just that i love the idea of royals marrying royals!


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