Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Travels....

I have visited two great monarchies in the last five months, both have been fantastic experiences! I intend to write long posts on both these great rulers but not now ... im feeling lazy so im just posting some very wonderful royal pictures in my following posts.
Dubai is a dream (albeit the dream is supposedly crumbling ) but its amazing what this one man done , has tried to do - truly the Sheikh is very innovative. I was there to see the Dubai World cup 2009 - it was a fantastic experience to see it live, and though i saw the men of the royal family pretty close up i didnt manage to see Princess Haya even though she was very much there somewhere in a beige outfit :)
Thailand is extraordinary as well, the thai people their culture and most of all their sincere devotion to the King is unparalled. I do not thing anywhere in the world there exists such devotion for one man. Its amazing, every thai person you meet is so devoted to their king, my best friend who is a non thai - thai citizen is crazy about him as well. What a fascinating status the king commands its almost unreal to be worshipped by so many across all boundaries of class, creed and religion. South Thailand is inhabitated by Muslim thai's but too feel no different from their Buddhist counterparts. The more i learn about this great king the more i seem to become his admirer as well :)
More posts on these two great men later.

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