Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Royal baby boom in April

Pic 1 - CP Billah and CP Sarah of Brunei
Pic 2 - P Hamzah and P Nur of Jordan
Pic 3 - P Hashem and P Fahdah of Jordan

The Muslim Monarchies of Jordan and Brunei have seen happy additions to their family! Everybody was long expecting prince Hamzah and princess Nurs baby to arrive but few were aware that the newly wed couple prince Hashem and princess Fahdah (Fawdah?!) would surprise with a baby of their own. All in all two delightful princesses for the Royal House of Jordan. Prince Hamzahs daughter born on the 18th of April was named Haya. Probably after his step sister and wife of Sheikh Mo, 'The' original princess Haya. Prince Hashems daughter who was born earlier in the month was named Hala.

BTW that picture of prince Hashem and his wife is the ONLY one available anywhere. For those interested she belongs to a very wealthy and noted family of Saudi Arabia (not a part of the Al-Saud royal family though). Looks quite pretty, but nothing to compare with princess Nur, but then in my eyes even the handsome Hashem is no patch on the rhett butler :) like prince Hamzah!

Im being biased here!!

The kingdom of Brunei also saw celebrations as the Crown Princess Sarah gave birth to a baby boy. This baby shall some day hopefully be the Sultan. And hope for everybody's sake the baby takes after (in both looks and disposition) his very lovely mother and not Crown Prince Billah!!


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