Sunday, December 03, 2006

Princesses Mako & Kako

Im just trying to figure out what these young adolescent princesses must be feeling. They were never the centre of attention with princess Aiko getting it all, and now their newly born young baby brother is the apple of all Japan, including their parents. I hate the idea of criticising any culture but the Japanese have really ought to grow up as sexist ideas and gender inequality is so prominent.

In a poll taken it seems the people dont really mind Aiko suceeding as Empress, but the old foggy conservatives have a problem with a female ruling them.

Over here the first pic has Princesses Mako and Kako, all very well behaved. The second one is of Princess Mako's birth with their lovely mother Princess Kiko and dad Akishino (i dont like him much - but his family is lovely)

And i sincerely hope the IHA has dropped their ridiculous idea of Prince Hisahito being adopted by Crown Prince Naruhito and C Princess Masako!


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