Saturday, October 07, 2006

Now Princess Pragyashree

Somehow i really like this girl. Pragyashree thapa, now pragyashree gaekwad. She is pretty, but thats ok as most royals are pretty in any case. But she 's also a doctor and was a lietenant in the Royal Nepalese Army.

Of course her dad was then the general in the army. Here she is with her parents. Only recently her in-laws the Gaekwads held a reception in Mumbai, India. She looked absolutely ravishing. Her groom well looked rather old - but lucky him to have gotten such a lovely bride! He has a lovely sister too, my fav - Priyadarshini Scindia.

The situation in Nepal saddens me. I beleive the Maoists are in actual control, with all those stupid useless and corrupt politicians like Koirala and gang being just the puppets. Also i believe they have kept the King due to American pressure. I guess America doesnt want China's communist policies to spread.

But really sad about the King and his family. I really d think that Crown princess Himani is a good lady. cant say the same about her husband though. Anyways wish them luck.


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