Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Gayatri Devi - young at 85!

The beautiful lady here is Rajmata Gayatri Devi of the Royal House of Jaipur (India). afcourse she doesnt look like this now, she is 85 years old, though a good looking 85. she still has great skin.

I guess God just blessed her with awesome beauty. And unbelievable wealth. And the most eligible prince in those days when she got married. And power.And fame.And prestige.

And basically got whatever she wanted. Wow what a lucky woman!

Yet she doesnt think so.

Today she is fighting with her grandkids - Her only sons kids for money. Not her money. It is said that a huge chunk of her late Husband Sawai Man singh II's wealth went to her. apart from this huge amount of wealth that she possesses, her late son Jagat SIngh, was also given considerable wealth (far less then what she has).

Jagat died.

Without a will.

So obviously his children are the succesors!

But no the Rajmata wants to keep it all. After all she is only 85! probably she s found a way to take it with her.


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