Friday, August 04, 2006

Favorite Royal Couple!

Prince Hamzah of Jordan and his wonderful young wife Princess Nur. I think they are my favorite royal couple. There are a lot of other young royals i can think of where i like either the groom or the bride, but as a couple i think they are really cool!

I saw a picture of Prince Hashim (Hamzahs younger, more american looking but trying to look more arab brother) and his wife fahdah. ill post that soon. But Prince Hamzah has this sensitivity which the other royal men lack. I have a strong feeling that someday he is destined to be King of Jordan.

Here the first and third pictures have princess Nur patronising arab children conferences, in the first picture she looks so young! The middle picture is of the lovely couple sharing a laugh! I do think that Queen Rania is rather jealous of Nur, its rather apparent in the wedding photos of Hamzah and Nur. Rania face is rather transparent. I guess she fears that they might become more popular. Shortly after Prince Hamzah was demoted from the status of Crown Prince and heir to the Jordanian crown to just a prince.

Well i think any women in Ranias place would probably be as cautious. They got the crown only when Prince hasan was stripped of his titlle, so i guess uneasy lies the head that wears the crown!!


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