Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Prince Ali's Wedding

This is the gathering of the Royal Jordanian clan. It is to celebrate the wedding of Prince Ali to journalist Rym Brahimi ( Scroll down there is also a previous post on them) Prince Ali is the son of the Late King Hussein and his second wife Queen Alia. His is the full brother of Princess Haya of Jordan and the half brother of current King Abdallah II.

To the far right is Queen Rania - For Gods sake why does Rania look so artificially happy in family photo;s? really people, this photo isnt as obvious but i saw the ones taken during Prince Hamzah ( at that time he was crown prince) and Princess Nurs wedding, and beleieve me Rania looks so unconfortable , and so envious of i dunno what - probably the new bride Nur and also the fact that at that time Hamzah was still Crown Prince. Ill put up those pics if i find them.

Princess Haya is second from the left - now look at her she is always so happy - touchwood. She s so natural - Rania should learn something from her!!

Sorry to say but the bride looks positively old and haggard - no beauty she!

Queen Noors two boys look handsome as always - prince Hashem looking dashing ( far right seated) and Prince Hamzah seated next to him is my favorite - he is just wonderful. He has such a wonderful personality - somewhat like Haya's - so natural , unassuming, and noble.


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