Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fawzia of Iran

Doesnt she look like vivien leigh of Gone With The Wind? Well she is no actress, Fawzia was born princess of Egypt and went on to become the Empress of Iran. Sadly fate had different plans, Egypt would cease to be a monarchy during the reign of her brother King Farouk who would be exiled, although his son was named King Fuad II. And she would have an unhappy marriage with the Shah of Iran, what a wonderful man and what a great prince. Unhappily Irans destiny was also doomed when they overthrew the most benevolent monarch and brought in khomeni!! imagine who would do that????????

Anyways, Fawzia was Empress of Iran for nine years. She had a daughter with the Shah named Princess Shahnaz. But their marriage soured and ended in divorce. I was just thinking how unpredictable life is , fate , you are born great but that is no guarantee for the future years. Who ever thought when Fawzia was born that both Egypt and Iran would cease to be monarchies, their royals who had absolute power, who had absolute wealth and splendour would now have to live without all that. But that is life ........ Turn,turn thy wheel oh fortune.....!

The wheel of fortune turns and turns and none know what tommorrow holds!


Blogger Chic Mommy said...

She.Is.Gorgeous. You're right on the money with that Vivien Leigh resemblance.

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