Thursday, June 08, 2006

Azrinaz Brunei's Ex!

Rumours are always there to haunt the rich and famous. The very handsome young man here is a malaysian gentleman called khairy, YTM azrinaz( the sultan of brunei's second wife) is supposedly to have been married to him.

Look at their destinies - once they were together, now she is the wife of the middle aged sultan. And khairy - he is suppossed to have married nori - only daughter of the malaysian prime minister Badawi, and is considered very influential in political circles. Its the stuff fairy tales are made off........ i wonder whether the two still love each other or not. Im sure both are extrememly practical minded individuals. There can be no doubt about it atleast where Azrinaz is concerned. But i believe they split long time before the sultan came into her life.

I wonder what women feel when they marry older richer men after they have been in relationships with younger attractive men in the past. Im sure azrinaz does not regret anything.


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