Sunday, June 25, 2006

Future Queen of Norway

Yes the little baby girl there is no ordinary baby girl. She is Ingrid of Norway, one day she shall God willing be the Queen of that country. Well one must admit she looks like a real regal baby. Now i know you will think how royalist am i? haha... but really all the pictures i have seen of princess ingrid are all very regal. The baby has this aristocratic look and attitude that just shows in all her pictures. None of the other royal babies have that look. Her Father crown prince haakon and her mother crown princess mette marit certainly dont have the royal look. Sorry to say but they do look rather common.

Dunno what the norwegians feel about their crown princess, i mean have they really accepted her? with her past. See theres nothing wrong in the past, most european girls have relationships and even babies out of wedlock , but hello this is going to be your next queen??

Anyways, this write up is on her lovely daughter, who looks every inch the future monarch. Best wishes princess ingrid.


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