Monday, June 19, 2006

Harry's Blushing

This ones a real funny pic. The Queen checks out the Sandhurst guards.......... and oh My God look who it is!! What a genuine blush prince harry's got there. Must say he looks real cute. Ive always liked the two boys , but always considered Prince William far more handsome. But now it seems Harry is giving him competition!!

Both the princes seem really well brought up, with no airs and no fuss. Despite their great tragedy, of losing their mother at such a young age, they have managed to grow up into fine men. May God bless them. And i hope Wills becomes King someday, after Charles that is. I like Charles , despite all the nonsense about his divorce and then his lady love Camilla. He is still a fine man and his kids are great and they love him to bits. So long live the Queen! And the British Monarchy!


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