Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Harry & Chelsy

Oh look at Harrry!!! Who ever thought years back that he would grow upto be such a charming prince? It was all William william and william. But now the 'spare' has definitly grown out of the shadow of the 'heir'.

CHelsy. ahhh well...... a lot people are unhappy with her , well i dunt understand why? shes a nice bubbly girl, yeah shes very very insecure about the relationship with harry. But well any girl would be if she were dating a prince on England! And shes just more transparent than kate, kates rather fake if i may say so. Shes equally insecure but kate hides it better. Oh chelsys much much better.

Yeah shes bohemian alright, with all the things a to be princess shouldnt be doing, but then she leads her life and so does Harry. apparently in an interview he said something to the effect of that he WAS going to do what he was going to do, and if some people didnt like it - that was their bad luck.

If harry likes chelsy its none of anyones business to tell him 'oh you should like a better behaved girl.'

best wishes prince Harry. he's growing handsomer day by day. gosh!!

YEs and these pics were taken at a recent polo match in ENgland.


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