Saturday, September 16, 2006

Greek Royals

Its a little sad if your Mother-in-law looks better than you. And if she has a larger fan following and despite the fact that you spend thousands of pounds in trying to look good (coz you can afford it, your dads the rich Mr. Miller). I dont mean to be bitchy but Marie Chantal should stop getting herself photographed with her mother-in-law, the very elegant, very beautiful, very royal (and really royal not pseudo celebrity type) Queen Anne Marie of Greece,

MC looks haggard compared to the ever graceful Anne Marie , princess of Denmark and Queen of Greece.

In the first pic, MC's behind the Queen. And in the 2nd one we have a family photo with King Constantine and CP Pavlos, as well as Princess Theodora (next to the queen) and i think the gentleman on the far right is prince Nikolaus.


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