Saturday, September 16, 2006

Regent Prince Hamzah!

Well, well well! After all the hue and cry about demoting Prince Hamzah from the status of Crown Prince to just plain prince, and all the wild talk about how King Abdullah was insecure about Hamzahs rising popularity and all the negative blood within the royal jordanian family.

This seems like a refreshing breather! Recently when King Abdullah was out of the country, he had Prince hamzah be sworn as regent!

I like that because i like Prince Hamzah (who doesnt - except maybe Rania - hee haa hee)

But its obvious why King Abdullah took this step. He did it to show all his detractors as well as hamzahs supporters that he still respects and regards Hamzah. A lot of his following are the heads of the different tribes, now they loved the late King Hussein and they were loyal to him.

Abdullah has to remember that, if he wants their support. Afcourse they love him but they also remember it was the Late Kings wish to have Hamzah as crown prince. So i guess Abdullah is playing it safe!

Not that i blame King Abdullah. IMO he is a nice man, intelligent and good hearted. Yet he has to safeguard his own and his childrens interests. He did just that. I applaud that.

All in all good to see Hamzah having more say in the royal duties. He is a lovely young man, looks so sincere!


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