Saturday, September 16, 2006

Queen Saleha

The first picture dates back to 1965, of the now Queen Saleha. The second pic is a family photo, gosh doesnt the Sultan look different! I would never think him the Sultan by just looking at this pic. Infact he looks better now, his latest pics has him looking fit. the little boy is afcourse current crown prince Billah of Brunei. He looks pretty much the same now - i mean a grown up version obviously. I do not know the names of the princesses, but the younger one looks cute.:)

The third pic is the wedding pic of the Sultan of Brunei and his first wife Queen Saleha. They must be really young then. The Sultan is unrecognisable and Queen Saleha has that chubbiness even then.

One more thing i am wondering why has'nt the Queen covered her head in these old photo's. I mean now in every photo her head and ears are covered, as our Crown princess Sarahs. Only YTM Azrinaz (his second wife) goes around with her head uncovered.


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