Sunday, September 17, 2006

Princess Anne Marie of Denmark.

Born as princess of Denmark, Annie Marie went on to marry her greek cousin, who later on became King Constantine II. However fate had other plans, sadder plans for her. I realy feel bad as i really like her. She and her sister Queen Margherite of Denmark are real classy ladies.

Her husbands attempted coup failed in 1973/74
and they had to flee in exile to Italy. Since then the Greek government has deposed them and removed all titles, yet the other reigning European houses continue to address them with their titles much to the chargrin of the Greek government.

On a personal note id like to add that my admiration of the Greek Royal family is pretty much limited to her, and yes even it extends very much to her sister-in-law Queen Sofia of Spain. But i am not particularly fond of King Constantine, nor Prince Pavlos nor Marie Chantal.

But Anne Marie is classy alright! She has the birth,upbringing and grace to attract respect even through the sad turn of events in her life.

May God bless her.


Blogger smoedl said...

I named my daughter Anne after hearing a story about a young Danish princess named Anne who was much beloved by her people. She used to sneak out of the palace unattended to mingle among and minister to her people. Could this be Princess Anne Marie?

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