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Japans Future Emperor?

Heres Prince akishino (with the shaggy doggy kinda hair cut) with his very lovely wife Princess Kako and their new born son and most probably next in line , Prince Hisahito. (His name means serene prince i think)

The second pic is with his daughter Princess Mako. he has two daughters, and now after years and years has had a son. i beleive Princess kako was 41/42 when she delivered the newborn prince. Why did they have the child so late?

There are two theories - One the IHA of the japanese royal family, who are a bunch of conservative egoistic jerks, thought it rather impossible that the next in line after CP Naruhito would be his daughter princess Aiko. So they pressurized CPrincess masako to have more children. With all that worry and stress the CPrincess changed from the intelligent capable woman she was to a someone with severe stress problems.

Now when she couldnt produce the 'male' heir so necessary as according to the IHA and some conservative members of parliament (the rest of the country seems pretty ok with Aiko becoming Empress, i think 72% in favour) CP Naruhito blasted at the IHA for making his wife into a shivering piece of anxiety. I guess they didnt like that and turned their attention to his younger brother Prince Akishino.

Akishino, now was always the spare to naruhito's heir! So here was his chance to do his 'duty' for the nation. Also his way of getting back to elder brother Naruhito, for whom at times he has said unfavorable things. So here was his chance of upstaging him. It suceeded. A prince was finally born into the Imperial household after 42 years!!

But now there is another controversy, with the young prince supposedly to be adopted by CP Naruhito. Thats bad. I feel real bad for Princess kako, she 's going to get caught up in all this sibling rivalry between Akishino and Naruhito, and the the CP and the IHA.

But seriously japan shold realise the modern day and age they live in. Why not equal rights to women? Grow up.


Blogger Bluegirl said...

but this ,,silly law" exists in Japan for ages and it is the tradition which is so imortand for the Japanese people. I would say that tradition is the core of their culture, isnt it?

12:58 PM  
Blogger moru said...

Personally, I'd translate Hisahito [悠仁] as 'ever-lasting virtue'. But perhaps 'serene and virtuous' just looks better, ;).

Another moot point: a rule that only males can inherit the throne came with the Meiji Constitution (1889, afair). Not much of a tradition, if you ask me.

12:10 PM  
Blogger royalrichfamous said...

Hi bluegirl i supoose tradition is very important for the japanese people. But in all other aspects they are so modern. So i wonder.

I guess it has somthing to do with the royalty image. I mean in Britain everybodys divorcing and its not a big thing, but when prince charles does it its a very big thing.

9:50 AM  
Blogger royalrichfamous said...

hi Mol, thanks for the translation, i knew it meant serene something.

Are you japanese? what do u personally think of this whole succession issue?

9:51 AM  
Blogger Bluegirl said...

In Britain they divorce but their heirs are from the proper line of succession- uncle of Queen Elizabeth II had to abdicate because he married a divorcee. Now Prince Charles is the heir to the throne but it is not said that he will be a king(It was a big thing because he is a successor of his mother) Then, prince William is in the straight line to the throne.

You are right- an image. Because if we are talking about modern monarchies they do not rule but only reign:) And the ,,only" thing they possess and it is their treasure is prestige:)

10:36 AM  
Blogger moru said...

I'm but a mere student of the Japanese.

Personally I wouldn't mind if they were to change the constitution, in favour of Aiko. But now it's to little avail, methinks.

3:36 AM  
Blogger mlnkow said...

By the way, Akishino's wife is KIKO (not KAKO). Kako is his younger daughter.

4:07 PM  
Blogger royalrichfamous said...

MLNkow thank you for the correction - are you japanese? would you know what their names mean?

Also what do the japanese people want for their future emperor/empress?

Is it princess aiko or everybody wants the newly born prince Hisahito?

7:46 AM  

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