Friday, November 10, 2006

Indian Royal Feud

The gentleman on the left is HH Maharaja of Gwalior, but since he does not appreciate his royal titles we will call him just Jyotiraditya Scindia, scion of the royal house of Gwalior (India).
The lady seen here is his paternal aunt 'Shrimant' Yashodhara Raje Scindia.

And im writing here to inform you about the latest feud between the two. First a little background information on the two - Both are politicians in India's democratic government, albeit in different political parties. He is young and savvy, with everything life has to offer, his wife is the beautiful Priyadarshini Scindia. She is his aunt, a politician with little else then her glorious name.

Now she had got it into her head that she must be addressed (that too officially) as 'Shrimant' i think the word means Highness. So she went a step further and had the state government of Madhya Pradesh (where gwalior is) make an official gazette that she is to be addressed by that royal title!

Of course India is a democracy, so not everybody took this lying down. There were some protests at this breach of democratic conduct. So she justified her claim saying that the royals of Europe also use their titles!

Now 'Shrimant' Scindia, i have no p-roblems with you using your title - i just think your extremely foolish to have made it official. People would have addressed you with your title anyways, now what you have done is made a politically incorrect statement. Really i wish the woman had more brains!

Her nephew Jyotiraditya Scindia also did a foolish thing in trying to play the savvy young democratic politician. He went all out and oppossed her action, saying something stupid like 'in a democratic country all are equal and she has no rights to these royal titles'.......

Now now Mr. Scindia, who do ya think is gonna buy your democratic bullshit? Incase Mr. Scindia has forgotten , let us remind him that the ONLY reason why he is elected and re-elected to his position of power is beacuse he belongs to the illustrious royal family of the Gwalior. If he were just plain jane "Mr." Scindia who would vote for him. There are many educated, politically concsious young men in India. It is his royal lineage that separates him.

And why all the hypocrisy Mr. Scindia? His family run school uses all the royal titles, like Maharaja, Maharani and Rajmata, when they mention his, his wife's or his mothers names!

SO Mr. Scindia first clean up the title mess in your own backyard before attacking your aunt. (who is by no means a clever woman - thats all i can fathom - she is rather silly - and how the hell is she going to survive amongst these sharky politicians)

I wish Shrimant some more brains!! and Mr. Scindia less hypocrisy!


Blogger Confused said...

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Blogger royalrichfamous said...

Dear Aditi,

My apologies if what i have written has offended you.

But in my defence id like to argue, what i have said about Jyotiraditya scindia is true - he is young and savvy , succesful, titled and extremely moneyed.

I didnt say he was a great man or that he was blessed with the most affable pleasing personality!

if you read my post carefully, i said that he was extremely hypocritical for having said that against his aunt when he and his family use their titles as well!

About yashodhara - this was her blunder - and if you are in public life, any and every blunder you make does get its share of comments and criticism.

Her having 3 kids and being in a happy relationship (good for her) has nothing to do with her stupid proclamation.

About Priya.... ahh well of course i do not know her personally - i wish i did. I find her beautiful and very graceful! , I have heard that her husband and mother are pompous but not her.

Ofcourse if you know them personally you must be right.

12:10 PM  

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