Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Dubai World Cup 2007

It was yesterday! I saw it on television and it was quite nice, i was trying to get a glimpse of the royal family. Sure enough Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum was at the center of it all wearing a navy blue arab dress (i know what they are called but have forgotten), all the other men were dressed in white, i guess he has to stand out thats why the different colour.
I was straining my eyes to get a glimpse of Princess Haya, or any of the royal ladies. Did'nt think Sheikha Hind would be there of course, but maybe some of the princesses.
Finally i did see Haya, not in the box (only the men sat in the box) no women of the Maktoum family sat with the men!! She was wearing a blue outfit with some kinda gold work on it - a traditional type of a outfit. She looked quite sweet, not chic as she usually looks when she attends the ascot or some international race. She was with Sheikh Mo and they were checking out the favourite Invasor (owned by the Sheikhs brother Sheikh Hamdan) , Invasor finally went on to win it and Sheikh Mo's Godolphin owned horse who was second favorite on the totes Discreet Cat came a dismal last. Also the prize money is a whopping $6 million!!!!!!!!
BTW this pic here is of their highnesses attending the 2006 Ascot. She's looking real chic and even he is looking smarter!! im trying to find a pic of theirs at dubai world cup, will put that up when i find it.


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