Sunday, April 22, 2007

William, Charles, Harry!!

William Windsor - what a heritage the young man has to inherit! and with it all its exacting pressures. Now who would even blink a bloddy eyelid had some 24 year old english bloke broken off with his girlfriend? But this is no ordinary 24 year old - he will someday God willing be proclaimed King William II of England. That is if he chooses to retain his christian name.
I think he should. Its a lucky name, the only other William in the history of England was William the First - Duke of Normandy - and there is no other greater English Monarch that William could possibly be the namesake of. After all William I conquered England and retained Normandy as well!!
Charles is rather an unfortuanate name in the scheme of British history, the only other two Charles' - Charles I who lost his throne and his head, the first ever English monarch to be beheaded. And Charles II (my favourite King! well :)) exiled since he was a boy, living on the pity of his French cousins and his Dutch brother-in-law in the most penurious circumstances.
I sincerely hope King Charles III will have a better inning. I like him some how despite all his faux pas'
Harry - well the name Henry is perhaps the most common name for an English king. I am not saying he will be king - no thats for William. But just since am writing about names well there was the notorius Henry VIII. The clever Henry the VII. the first two Henry's were also great Kings in their own right. And of course Henry the V, the warrior King of England.


Blogger Bluegirl said...


Have You read some news about Prince Harry being in danger in Iraq? :(

William II is a great name for a king- so noble, so aristocratic...

10:49 AM  
Blogger royalrichfamous said...

William is a lucky name for a British monarch while Charles has always proved unlucky

2:52 AM  

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