Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Last Hindu Kingdom

Nepal has the rare distinction of being the last surviving Hindu Kingdom and the Only kingdom never to have been held under foreign domination. Nopes not even under the British when they occupied neighbouring India. In many ancient Hindu temples in India even today the King of Nepal is given a prime place of importance.
i consider it a sad sad day in the history of the world when the Nepalese Monarch is humiliated by the puppet democratic nepalese government at the behest of the Maoists. Strange indeed that this very Koirala (prime minister) who supported the Monarchy should today be so against it. He who lived for years on the support of the Royal Family, wined and dined with them , gave them every homage has today found it convenient to change color!! What a true politician you Mr. Koirala and what a fool!
You do it for your own hide - by sacrificing the Kings palace and other properties you seek to appease the powerful Maoists so that they may spare your own vast riches which you have accumalated at the cost of the poor people of Nepal. But sure enough and soon enough it will be your turn to go as the tide has turned so completely in favor of the Maoists who will soon kick the pseudo democrats ot of power.
But this post is not about the scur Koirala. It is about His Majesty the King. I wonder why did the King not leave - go away in exile - he could have when he had the power with billions to some safe haven like geneva and live his life peacefully? Was he a fool to think he would get the power back and life would go on as before or was he a die hard patriot who could not leave his beloved Nepal?
He should have left - i wish he had.
I have no personal affection for the King, yet i wish him well. Now everyday all we hear his humiliation upon humiliation for the King. Shall a day come soon when he and his family shall be murdered as many of the royal blood in different nations have been. Mercilessly and cruelly murdered? The russians didnt even spare the royal dog!!
Such is the fear and the sheer hatred of these Communist scurs.
And the poor people of Nepal! How they cried when their King Birendra died, they even cried for the Murderous prince Dipendra. These were the same poorest of the poor who are recruited to the Maoist forces!
All i can hope for is that they let the King and his family live with dignity, but its a fast fading hope the way things are proceeding nowadays.


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