Monday, January 19, 2009

So much in love..!

OMG!! They are so much in love and it shows in the pics!! How cute:) and whats so fascinating is that he is perhaps the first and only (?) Sheikh who is seen in such a public display of affection for his wife. For those who have not yet placed them (duh! thats a lack of GK really) he is Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, the ruler and co creator of modern Dubai. She is his wife (not his chief wife - that salvo belongs to his first wife Sheikha Hind), Princess Haya of Jordan; Step sister to the current king Abdallah and daughter of the late king Hussein of Jordan. Last year the princess gave birth to their first child Princess Aljalilah (ive got pics of her too, she's a carbon copy of Sheikh Mo). Nice name there!
It was an out an out love marriage between the two who share an immense passion for thoroughbred horses. And it was horses that brought them together. Haya used to show jump and has been passionately involved with these beautiful animals since forever. The Sheikh who claims it is in his blood to love these beautiful arabians (check out his website ) has been perhaps the biggest promoters of horse racing around the world. That reminds me - i am going for the Dubai carnival this year - Yayyyyyy!! (God willing)

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