Sunday, April 13, 2008

I just felt sad

I was going through all the news regarding the Nepalalese elections and i came across a link which had been cut off and somehow it really saddened me


The official results arent out as yet, no bill has passed regarding the status of King Gyanendra and his family - yet the website link has already been cut off. What will be the future of the King and his family i wonder, like many of the blue blooded before them will they also be assasinated or exiled or worse made to live like the last chinese Emperor - a monarch made to work as a gardner with the communist govternment letting the public view this humiliation to assert their newly empowered rights?

Pic: look at the caption of the picture taken!

Why do i feel sad? I have always felt sad when i read about the french and the bolshevik revolutions - the Nepal one is happening right here in front of my eyes. Lets see how it goes. The onloy hope for the royal family is if America and other non communist countries interfere. If that doesnt happen then i fear the Maoists will tear them appart.

Dubai World Cup 2008

This is a little late in the day - the dubai world cup was run on the 29th of march but ive been lazzy!
Anyways lots of action - the star was obviously Curlin! - he looked like a champ and he won like a champ! Sheikh Mohammed was at the centre of it all - confident (look at pic 2), firm and yet happy as this is his baby. he announced that the year 2010 would be the year of a fabulous announcement , an upgrade to the stakes money as well as the grander fair. He told the reporter that "it will be the best in the world", the bewildered reporter said "but it already is"... to which the Sheikh just said it will be much much more! well we just have to wait n see in 2 years!

Haya looked gorgeous in a pale blue dress. She is such a natural so much at ease with all the crowd, she wasnt sitting in the box, no woman from the royal family was, actually no woman ever sits there ever, and thats why i was shocked to see one this time. i kept looking until it struck me that this might be Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden! and sure it was. She was on her official trip to the UAE. And there she was sitting with Sheikh Mo and some other sheikh maybe Nahyan. She was natural as ever , as she always is.... unperturbed by all the emirati royal men about her!

Caught a glimpse of Prince Hamdan as well ! The crowds were superbly dressed - look at pic 3 - these aint models - these are the regular race goers - imagine - women were so fancily dressed - doesnt compare to the classy dressing at the Ascot neither does the DWC have the ambience of the Ascot or the Epsom (how can it as the Queen graces those events!) but still its a great place to visit.

Pic1 and Pic3 show the comfort level that haya and sheikh Mo clearly share. He does seem to be much in love with her. Its quite an unimaginable thing though, catch any other sheikh walking like that with his wife! But then i guess sheikh Mo is all out to modernize! But its onloy this wife, we never see Sheikha Hind or his other wives (?) out at public events.