Sunday, September 17, 2006

Princess Anne Marie of Denmark.

Born as princess of Denmark, Annie Marie went on to marry her greek cousin, who later on became King Constantine II. However fate had other plans, sadder plans for her. I realy feel bad as i really like her. She and her sister Queen Margherite of Denmark are real classy ladies.

Her husbands attempted coup failed in 1973/74
and they had to flee in exile to Italy. Since then the Greek government has deposed them and removed all titles, yet the other reigning European houses continue to address them with their titles much to the chargrin of the Greek government.

On a personal note id like to add that my admiration of the Greek Royal family is pretty much limited to her, and yes even it extends very much to her sister-in-law Queen Sofia of Spain. But i am not particularly fond of King Constantine, nor Prince Pavlos nor Marie Chantal.

But Anne Marie is classy alright! She has the birth,upbringing and grace to attract respect even through the sad turn of events in her life.

May God bless her.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Greek Royals

Its a little sad if your Mother-in-law looks better than you. And if she has a larger fan following and despite the fact that you spend thousands of pounds in trying to look good (coz you can afford it, your dads the rich Mr. Miller). I dont mean to be bitchy but Marie Chantal should stop getting herself photographed with her mother-in-law, the very elegant, very beautiful, very royal (and really royal not pseudo celebrity type) Queen Anne Marie of Greece,

MC looks haggard compared to the ever graceful Anne Marie , princess of Denmark and Queen of Greece.

In the first pic, MC's behind the Queen. And in the 2nd one we have a family photo with King Constantine and CP Pavlos, as well as Princess Theodora (next to the queen) and i think the gentleman on the far right is prince Nikolaus.

Regent Prince Hamzah!

Well, well well! After all the hue and cry about demoting Prince Hamzah from the status of Crown Prince to just plain prince, and all the wild talk about how King Abdullah was insecure about Hamzahs rising popularity and all the negative blood within the royal jordanian family.

This seems like a refreshing breather! Recently when King Abdullah was out of the country, he had Prince hamzah be sworn as regent!

I like that because i like Prince Hamzah (who doesnt - except maybe Rania - hee haa hee)

But its obvious why King Abdullah took this step. He did it to show all his detractors as well as hamzahs supporters that he still respects and regards Hamzah. A lot of his following are the heads of the different tribes, now they loved the late King Hussein and they were loyal to him.

Abdullah has to remember that, if he wants their support. Afcourse they love him but they also remember it was the Late Kings wish to have Hamzah as crown prince. So i guess Abdullah is playing it safe!

Not that i blame King Abdullah. IMO he is a nice man, intelligent and good hearted. Yet he has to safeguard his own and his childrens interests. He did just that. I applaud that.

All in all good to see Hamzah having more say in the royal duties. He is a lovely young man, looks so sincere!

Queen Saleha

The first picture dates back to 1965, of the now Queen Saleha. The second pic is a family photo, gosh doesnt the Sultan look different! I would never think him the Sultan by just looking at this pic. Infact he looks better now, his latest pics has him looking fit. the little boy is afcourse current crown prince Billah of Brunei. He looks pretty much the same now - i mean a grown up version obviously. I do not know the names of the princesses, but the younger one looks cute.:)

The third pic is the wedding pic of the Sultan of Brunei and his first wife Queen Saleha. They must be really young then. The Sultan is unrecognisable and Queen Saleha has that chubbiness even then.

One more thing i am wondering why has'nt the Queen covered her head in these old photo's. I mean now in every photo her head and ears are covered, as our Crown princess Sarahs. Only YTM Azrinaz (his second wife) goes around with her head uncovered.