Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How Karma Works - Qatars Queen!

There was a man called Nasser Al Missned, a commoner living in the Qatari Emirate. He found that his country was prone an unequal distribution of wealth which was a eye sore for him. Not one to keep quiet he voiced his opinion against the then ruling Emir. For this he was detained and jailed; his family in fear went in exile to kuwait.

Years later Missned's daughter returned to her homeland to study, and as fate would have it met with the Crown Prince of the land, the son of the very Emir who had jailed her father and exiled her and her family. The Crown Prince as if in a fairytale fell head over heels in love with her, married her, had 7 children together, her son and not the son of any preceding wife today is the current crown prince of Qatar. The girl is question is Sheikha Mozah, the iron hand in the velvet glove that dominates Qatar.

Sheikha Mozah to her credit has changed life in Qatar, not only for the royal family but also for the lay Qatari woman. Women can vote, drive, dress as they like, work in Qatar - privileges not too common in the middle east.Her daughters Shekha Mayassa and Sheikha Hind too take an active role in the social and political arena.

What i find fascinating in this story is the play of destiny! Had a jailed Nasser Missned ever imagined that it would be his own daughter who would bring change in the Emirat? And that his own grandson would one rule it! Strange are the ways of the Universe!


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