Monday, December 04, 2006

Sheikh MO

The lil girl is Sheikha Shamma and the lil boy is.... well her father Sheikh Mohammad bin Maktoum, ruler of Dubai.

I had to post this pic, its sooooooooooo cute.

That makes me wonder why havent i posted on the Maktoums previously?!! Sheikh Mo is a fabulous ruler. He was chiefly the architect (along with his late father and brother) of modern prosperous Dubai.

One cannot compare him with other monarchs around the world for the simple reason that he is an Absolute ruler while most of the other royals are (sadly) only constituitional or figuritive. Even so Sheikh Mo can be called even more praiseworthy as he is a hands on active hard working ruler. If he wanted he could just sit back and relax and lead a horrible indolent life (what with his wealth and power, he cud do anything he liked ) , but Sheikh Mo rules the state with an iron hand.

That brings me back to my belief that monarchies are grrrreat for a nation if the ruler is an enlightened one. No democracy, republic , socialist state etc etc can compare. Of course if the ruler is a weak puppet or an indolent fool then nothing could be worse. But history gives us example 's of marvellous rulers. I guess i like to romanticise history, and that can be achieved only in a kingly era, one just doesnt get the same feel about communist or socialist leaders!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Princesses Mako & Kako

Im just trying to figure out what these young adolescent princesses must be feeling. They were never the centre of attention with princess Aiko getting it all, and now their newly born young baby brother is the apple of all Japan, including their parents. I hate the idea of criticising any culture but the Japanese have really ought to grow up as sexist ideas and gender inequality is so prominent.

In a poll taken it seems the people dont really mind Aiko suceeding as Empress, but the old foggy conservatives have a problem with a female ruling them.

Over here the first pic has Princesses Mako and Kako, all very well behaved. The second one is of Princess Mako's birth with their lovely mother Princess Kiko and dad Akishino (i dont like him much - but his family is lovely)

And i sincerely hope the IHA has dropped their ridiculous idea of Prince Hisahito being adopted by Crown Prince Naruhito and C Princess Masako!