Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Dream Life

A dream life! Its the life of Maharani Gayatri Devi Of Jaipur. Born as a princess of the royal house Cooch Behar, blessed with imense beauty she caught the eye of the charming and immensly wealthy Maharajah of Jaipur ( One of the largest and richest state in princley India) .They had a secret romance, as the Maharajah was already twice married.

The first picture is with her husband, the handsome jai (Man Singh ll) and her son Jagat. The second pic is her wedding pic. The third pic is at a polo party. Gayatri devi was one of the first maharanis to shed the purdah and go to parties and polo matches with her husband. Her life was a dream, a fairy tale depicted in her book ... "A Princess Remembers..." .

Now however, the story is different, the fairytale has become sour. (scroll down for the previous post on the Rajmata)

Princess Nurs sisters!

If you think Princess Nur of Jordan is charming (afcourse she is!) then just have a look at her sisters.

The blonde princess is princess Yasmin, her real sister. And the beautiful brunette, is princess Saleha, princess Nurs half sister.

Very beautiful!

Im trying to think of good royal matches for them, maybe Sheikh Mohammads sons!

Gayatri Devi - young at 85!

The beautiful lady here is Rajmata Gayatri Devi of the Royal House of Jaipur (India). afcourse she doesnt look like this now, she is 85 years old, though a good looking 85. she still has great skin.

I guess God just blessed her with awesome beauty. And unbelievable wealth. And the most eligible prince in those days when she got married. And power.And fame.And prestige.

And basically got whatever she wanted. Wow what a lucky woman!

Yet she doesnt think so.

Today she is fighting with her grandkids - Her only sons kids for money. Not her money. It is said that a huge chunk of her late Husband Sawai Man singh II's wealth went to her. apart from this huge amount of wealth that she possesses, her late son Jagat SIngh, was also given considerable wealth (far less then what she has).

Jagat died.

Without a will.

So obviously his children are the succesors!

But no the Rajmata wants to keep it all. After all she is only 85! probably she s found a way to take it with her.

Harry & Chelsy

Oh look at Harrry!!! Who ever thought years back that he would grow upto be such a charming prince? It was all William william and william. But now the 'spare' has definitly grown out of the shadow of the 'heir'.

CHelsy. ahhh well...... a lot people are unhappy with her , well i dunt understand why? shes a nice bubbly girl, yeah shes very very insecure about the relationship with harry. But well any girl would be if she were dating a prince on England! And shes just more transparent than kate, kates rather fake if i may say so. Shes equally insecure but kate hides it better. Oh chelsys much much better.

Yeah shes bohemian alright, with all the things a to be princess shouldnt be doing, but then she leads her life and so does Harry. apparently in an interview he said something to the effect of that he WAS going to do what he was going to do, and if some people didnt like it - that was their bad luck.

If harry likes chelsy its none of anyones business to tell him 'oh you should like a better behaved girl.'

best wishes prince Harry. he's growing handsomer day by day. gosh!!

YEs and these pics were taken at a recent polo match in ENgland.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Favorite Royal Couple!

Prince Hamzah of Jordan and his wonderful young wife Princess Nur. I think they are my favorite royal couple. There are a lot of other young royals i can think of where i like either the groom or the bride, but as a couple i think they are really cool!

I saw a picture of Prince Hashim (Hamzahs younger, more american looking but trying to look more arab brother) and his wife fahdah. ill post that soon. But Prince Hamzah has this sensitivity which the other royal men lack. I have a strong feeling that someday he is destined to be King of Jordan.

Here the first and third pictures have princess Nur patronising arab children conferences, in the first picture she looks so young! The middle picture is of the lovely couple sharing a laugh! I do think that Queen Rania is rather jealous of Nur, its rather apparent in the wedding photos of Hamzah and Nur. Rania face is rather transparent. I guess she fears that they might become more popular. Shortly after Prince Hamzah was demoted from the status of Crown Prince and heir to the Jordanian crown to just a prince.

Well i think any women in Ranias place would probably be as cautious. They got the crown only when Prince hasan was stripped of his titlle, so i guess uneasy lies the head that wears the crown!!